Selling Your Home? Avoid These Headaches!

By Sahil Sumra

March 21 2024

Selling? Don't Go Solo!

Selling your house is a big deal, but it doesn't have to be scary.  Imagine your realtor as your partner-in-crime (the good kind!).

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Don't Price Yourself Out of the Market!

We all want the most money possible, but an inflated price can backfire: Fewer Showings:  Buyers who think your house is too expensive won't even bother looking. Stale on the Market: Nobody wants a house that sits there forever. A high price tag can make buyers suspicious.

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Be Flexible with Showings

Selling your house might mean some disruption, but a little flexibility goes a long way: Show it when buyers want to see it: Even if it's short notice, try to accommodate potential buyers' schedules. The faster they see your house, the faster you might get an offer!

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Nobody likes surprises, especially when buying a house.  Be upfront about any known problems, like leaky faucets or cracks: Avoid lawsuits: If a buyer discovers hidden issues later, they might sue you. Attract serious buyers: Honest buyers appreciate knowing exactly what they're getting.

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Closing Costs Add Up

The sale price isn't the only cost. Here are some things to keep in mind: Agent Commission: You'll pay your realtor a percentage of the final sale price. Closing Fees: These go to lawyers, title companies, and other folks involved in the sale.

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Saying Goodbye Can Be Hard

Selling your house can be bittersweet. Here are some tips to stay calm: Focus on the future: It's sad to say goodbye, but exciting new beginnings await!